FREE booklet : What Happens After Death?
What Happens After Death?
¬ Introduction
¬ The Wondrous Gift of Life
¬ The Mystery of Death
¬ Does the Bible Teach That We Have an Immortal Soul?
¬ The History of the Immortal-soul Teaching
¬ What About Reported Life-after-death Experiences?
¬ God's Plan of Redemption
¬ The Promise of Life After Death
¬ Pre-Christian Belief Concerning Heaven
¬ Words of Encouragement
¬ Did the Apostle Paul Expect to Go to Heaven?
¬ Are There Saved Human Beings in Heaven?
¬ Those Who Died Without Knowing Jesus Christ
¬ The Biblical View of 'Hell'
¬ Will the Wicked Be Tormented Forever?
¬ Are the Wicked Punished in an Ever-burning Hell?
¬ Are Some Tortured Forever in a Lake of Fire?
¬ Does the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man Prove Some Will Suffer in Hell?
¬ Steps in Dealing With Grief
¬ How Can We Help Those Who Are Grieving?
¬ Everlasting Life Conquers Death
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What Happens After Death?
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The Myth of the Immortal Soul
Is There Life After Death?
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Heaven & Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach?


Few understand what the Bible really teaches about life beyond the grave. What Happens After Death? will guide you through the Scriptures to discover the encouraging and awe-inspiring truth so few understand.

A drunken driver loses control of his car and careens headfirst into a van, killing a family. A mother dies of breast cancer, leaving confused children and a grieving husband. An infant boy succumbs to a birth defect. A gentle, elderly lady dies quietly in her sleep. A desperate, depressed teenager commits suicide.

Maybe death would be different if it were predictable or consistent. But death can be so capricious. It hardly seems fair.

To us life is precious. But death is everywhere! We don't want to die. We don't want to see our loved ones die.

Self-preservation is a powerful instinct. We design special diets and exercise programs to keep us young and fit. Through medical science we seek to isolate the gene that makes us age, hoping somehow to eliminate death. A few have even arranged for their bodies to be preserved cryogenically in the hope that they can be brought back to life when the cure for what killed them is finally discovered.

Yet, for all our efforts, hopes and wishes, death is the one thing in life that remains certain. Whether through old age, illness, accident or violence, whether we are rich, poor, male or female, no matter if we're good or bad, all of us regardless of race or creed-die.

Scientists cannot tell us what happens after death. Too many aspects of life itself are intangible-too elusive to measure and record. Philosophers disagree on death and the afterlife.

Religions also disagree. Traditional Christian denominations generally teach that the souls of the dead live on in a place or condition of heaven or hell. Many non-Christians believe in the transmigration or reincarnation of souls at death. Still others believe the dead will never live again, that this life is all there is.

What really happens at death? Why do we even have to die? Can we know if there is life beyond the grave? Where can we go for meaningful, believable answers?

Only the Creator of life can reveal its purpose and the state of the dead. By looking into the Word of God for answers to our questions about death, we can learn a great deal about both life and death.

Join us now for a look at what God, our Creator, says about life and death in His inspired Word, the Bible. You may be both surprised and challenged by what you learn.

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