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Managing Your Finances
¬ Introduction
¬ What Is Money?
¬ The Eye of a Needle
¬ The Right Use of Money
¬ The Bible and Work
¬ What Is 'Corban'?
¬ Keys to Successful Money Management
¬ Determining your Net Worth
¬ Money in Marriage
¬ The Greatest Inheritance
¬ Teach Your Children About Finances
¬ The Power of Compounding
¬ Avoiding Financial Black Holes
¬ A Buying Self-Test
¬ Credit Counseling Services
¬ Seeking God's Blessings
¬ Monthly Income and Expenses Worksheet
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Managing Your Finances
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A Buying Self-Test

Before committing to a purchase, give yourself this self-test to determine whether your purchase would be a wise decision.

1. Do I really need this?
2. Is the price reasonable?
3. Is this the best time of year to buy?
4. If this is a bargain, is it a current or suitable model?
5. If it's on sale, is the price a true sale?
6. Am I sure no less-expensive item can be substituted?
7. Am I sure there are no major disadvantages?
8. If excessive in price, will it truly satisfy an inner need?
9. Have I comparison-shopped for price and quality?
10. Have I allowed for this item in my spending plan?
11. Do I know the seller's reputation?
12. Does the seller offer any special services with this item?

Scoring: 9-11 yes answers: Consider buying the item. 6-8 yes answers: Think again. Fewer than 6: Forget it! (Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Sacramento, California,, "Library of Helpful Money Tips, Controlling Impulse Buying").

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