FREE booklet : The Book of Revelation Unveiled
The Book of Revelation Unveiled
¬ The Book of Revelation: Is it Relevant Today?
¬ Keys to Understanding Revelation
¬ Story Flow of the Book of Revelation
¬ Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation
¬ God's Church in Prophecy
¬ What Is the Church?
¬ Duality in Bible Prophecy
¬ The Book of Revelation's Divine Authority
¬ The Seals of the Prophetic Scroll
¬ The Day of the Lord Finally Arrives
¬ Satan's War Against the People of God
¬ The Mark and Number of the Beast
¬ The Two Women of Revelation
¬ The 'Time of Jacob's Trouble'
¬ The Destruction of Satan's Kingdom
¬ Satan: The Great Seducer
¬ The Everlasting Kingdom of God
¬ What Should You Do Now
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The Book of Revelation Unveiled
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Beyond Today
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The Horsemen of Revelation
The Beast of Revelation
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What Should You Do Now?

The book of Revelation closes with a glimpse into the awesome future God has in store for humanity—to live with Him as His immortal family forever in the Kingdom of God. He invites you, too, to have a part in this wonderful future.

But just learning what God has revealed about the future is not enough. With knowledge comes responsibility. To benefit from what you have learned, you must act on it.

God inspired the writing of the book of Revelation to make you think, to cause you to consider your future, to stimulate you to assume responsibility for your character and behavior. It is only one of the 66 books that make up the Bible and comprise God's revelation to mankind.

The Bible claims God as its real author—that all Scripture is His revelation to mankind (1 Timothy 3:16). It claims to reveal His way of life, His values and character. Do you know for certain whether that claim is true or not?

Have you faced life's really big questions: Is the Bible true? Does God exist? Are you sure? These questions affect your life—and you need to find the answers.

If you find such questions overwhelming and bewildering, we're here to help. We've prepared several publications, all free of charge, that will help you answer them.

If you believe God exists and the Bible is His Word, are you shaping your own life according to that knowledge? Have you asked yourself: Where is my life going? Am I a part of the solution to this world's problems? Or am I a part of the problems?

If you want answers or are interested in learning about true repentance, receiving God's Spirit and learning how to keep the commandments of God, request any or all of these free booklets: Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?, Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe?, Is the Bible True?, How to Understand the Bible, The Ten Commandments, What Is Your Destiny? and The Road To Eternal Life.

Also be sure to write for our other booklets on prophecy—The Gospel of the Kingdom, Are We Living in the Time of the End? and You Can Understand Bible Prophecy—to better understand what God reveals about the future and His coming Kingdom.

Be sure as well to subscribe to The Good News magazine. Each issue analyzes world news in the light of Bible prophecy and shows you how to live by God's Word. Also, request our free Bible Study Course. Its monthly lessons will take you through the major themes and teachings of the Bible.

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