How to Understand the Bible
How to Understand the Bible
¬ Introduction
¬ Thoughts to Consider About the Bible
¬ First Key: Ask for God's Help With a Proper Attitude
¬ Marking Your Bible
¬ Second Key: Obedience Brings Understanding
¬ Third Key: Accept the Inspiration of All the Bible
¬ Are There Mistakes in the King James Version?
¬ Seven Keys to Understanding the Scriptures
¬ Fourth Key: Consider the Context
¬ Fifth Key: Consider All the Scriptures on the Subject
¬ Comparing Texts: What Was Written on the Cross?
¬ Sixth Key: Use Bible Helps Properly
¬ Computer Bible Helps
¬ Seventh Key: We Need the Guidance of God's Church
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How to Understand the Bible
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Marking Your Bible

The Bible looks formidable, with its hundreds of pages of small print. However, the Bible is a book designed to be used. To familiarize yourself with key verses, it is a good idea to mark your Bible to help you relocate particular passages. The methods used by studiers of the Bible range from one color to elaborate color keys, arrows, notes and brackets and underlining words, phrases and sentences.

Anyone who goes through the process of marking his Bible will appreciate the need for simplicity. After a while a Bible can end up looking like a messy coloring book. A few guidelines will help avoid overmarking your Bible.

Use colors to highlight only important words. Be sure to select a pen or marker that will not run, smear or bleed through the page. When underlining phrases, use a ruler. With a proper mark, an important word or phrase should instantly let you know what is the subject matter.

Marking the Bible will help you get a feel of where you are in a particular page. It will save much time trying to locate that special scripture.

Many computerized Bible-study programs will allow you to type your own notes (or import them from other electronic text files) and attach them to specific verses, letting you create your own personal commentaries (see "Computer Bible Helps"). This method allows a virtually unlimited amount of space for your personal notes and comments while keeping them neat and orderly. Such electronic notes can later be edited, expanded or deleted much more easily than handwritten notes in a printed Bible.

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