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United Church of God - British Isles 2016

Youth Summer Camp 2016 – British Isles

Camp for the Church’s older children and teenagers will take place from the evening of Friday 29 July through to midday on Sunday 7 August 2016 at The Peak Centre in Edale, Derbyshire.

Church personnel are planning for this activity, which – as in all previous years when this event has been offered – always begins with seeking the enthusiastic commitment of our older children, teens and their parents to attend and participate, followed by completion of their Application and Parental Consent Forms. 

The cost for campers is £125.00, which includes accommodation, meals and activities. For those attending only part-time, a pro-rata payment will be acceptable. 

The Camp Application Form, Parental Consent Forms and an Information Letter are available by email on request to

This event is a major annual commitment by the Church, both financially and by virtue of the time and expertise willingly volunteered by the adults who will look after our children at Camp to provide them with an opportunity to get to meet other ‘Church kids’, to interact with adults in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment and to enhance their own relationship with God.

For further information please contact us by email to

For more information contact:

United Church of God - British Isles, PO Box 705, Watford, WD19 6FZ, United Kingdom.
Tel: 020 8386 8467  Fax: 020 8386 1999