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The Good News The Good News is a FREE, full colour, bi-montly magazine.

The Bible Study Course This 12-lesson course will help you to understand the Bible—the world's
most popular book.
United News United News is the official church newspaper of the United Church of God, an International Association.

* World News and Prophecy has been incorporated in Beyond Today Magazine.

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Are we Living in the End Time?
Creation or Evolution -Does It Really Matter What You Believe?
Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of God
God's Holy Day Plan - The Promise of Hope for All Mankind
Heaven and Hell: What does the Bible Really Teach?
Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Keep?
How to Understand The Bible
Is God a Trinity?
Is The Bible True?
Jesus Christ: The Real Story
Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?
Making Life Work
Marriage and Family
Managing Your Finances
Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest
The Book of Revelation Unveiled
The Church Jesus Built
The Gospel of The Kingdom
The Middle East in Prophecy
The New Covenant: Does It Abolish God's Law?
The Road To Eternal Life
The Ten Commandments
The United States and Britain In Prophecy
Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People: This Is The United Church of God
Transforming Your Life - The Process of Conversion
You Can Have Living Faith
You Can Understand Bible Prophecy
What Is Your Destiny?
What Does the Bible Teach About Tithing?
What Does The Bible Teach About Clean and Unclean Meats?
What Happens After Death?
Who Is God?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
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Smoking and Health: The Often-Overlooked Key
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